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Redemption can only be done in English.

(Page translators do not work on the redemption site)


  We have added white lettering available on red, royal blue or black background. 
For Red or Blue, please write "White lettering" in the address 2 line.  For Black background, please choose white then write "Black background" in the address 2 line. 

This is applicable to PVC/Hypalon orders ONLY.  Rigid Hull plates are all on a clear backing.

Redeem My Pre-paid Code
This link will open a new window to our SECURE web server, You may need to temporarily allow pop-ups.

**California Registrations**
All inflatable registration plates for Califonia only, are now manufactured standard with a second decal space for the annual mussel fee sticker. If you have an exemption not requiring a second decal, please let us know at the time of order.


Please retain your original prepaid code insert as proof of purchase for warranty.  If you did not receive the original pre-paid code, please contact your retailer. - Done Right...The First Time.
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